Kuis Immunologi

  1. TIG is recommended for patients with less than 3 tetanus immunizations. What age is that by for most normally immunized children?

    1. 2 months

    2. 4 months

    3. 6 months

    4. 15 mo

    5. 5 yrs

  2. For a non-tetanus prone wound, at what age is a tetanus booster needed for a normally immunized child?

    1. 5 years

    2. 8 yrs

    3. 12 yrs

    4. 14 yrs

    5. pre-college

  3. How likely is it that my fully immunized patient has Pertussis?

  4. When does the fever associated with the MMR vaccine typically appear?

  5. What additional side effect is noted particularly in teenage females from the MMR vaccine?

    1. arthritis/arthralgias

    2. muscle hematoma

    3. diarrhea

    4. vesicular rash

    5. decreased OCP effectiveness

  6. Which aged children can receive the flu vaccine?

  7. Can you get varicella after vaccination? Yes or no

  8. Can children who have received RSV prophylaxis still develop RSV bronchiolitis?
    Yes or No

  9. Should we be drawing blood cultures on well appearing febrile children immunized with Prevnar?


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