Kuis Pediatric Neurologic Examination

  1. When is an upgoing plantar reflex normal?

    1. Never

    2. Until 1 month

    3. Until 6 mo

    4. Until 12 months

    5. Until adolescence

  2. When can children do tandem gait on a neurologic exam?

    1. age 6 yrs

    2. age 5 yrs

    3. age 4 yrs

    4. age 3 yrs

    5. age 2 yrs

  3. What are some early signs of hypertonicity in a child who is fighting you?

  4. The parents are concerned an infant is deaf, but he is cooing normally- is that possible? Yes or No

  5. The parents are concerned a toddler is head banging- is he autistic?

  6. How can you do a sensory exam in the injured extremity of a child?

  7. When can a child with an eye injury read an eye chart?

    1. Always

    2. 2 yrs

    3. 4 yrs

    4. 6 yrs

    5. 8 yrs

  8. Does a lack of blinking in response to threat indicate blindness in a neonate? Yes or No


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