Kuis Pediatric Nutrition

  1. A first time mother asks you about the correct age for introducing solids in her healthy infant’s diet. What would you tell her?

    1. 2- 4 months

    2. 4-6 months

    3. 6-8 months

    4. 8-9 months

  2. The recommended age to introduce low-fat milk into children’s diet is:

    1. 6 months

    2. 9 months

    3. 12 months

    4. 15 months

    5. 24 months

  3. All of the following are appropriate anticipatory guidance items for a parent of a 3- year- old EXCEPT:

    1. The child should be allowed to eat unsupervised only if he or she is sitting down.

    2. The child should be taught to avoid stuffing excessive amount of food into his or her mouth.

    3. The child should not be given whole hot dogs.

    4. The child should be taught to eat sitting down.

  4. At what age the introduction of fresh cow’s milk is recommended?

    1. 4 months

    2. 6 months

    3. 9 months

    4. 12 months

    5. 15 months

  5. A three day-old term infant borne at home, breast- fed exclusively, presented to the ED with lethargy, bulging fontanel, and bright red blood from rectum. What is the most likely etiology of his disease?

    1. Fluoride deficiency.

    2. Ca deficiency.

    3. Vitamin K deficiency.

    4. Iron Deficiency.

  6. What is the appropriate 24 hours fluid maintenance for a 16- months old with body- weight of 12 kg?

    1. 450 cc

    2. 800 cc

    3. 1100 cc

    4. 1500 cc

  7. In which of the following conditions a special formula should be considered?

    1. Post gastroenteritis malabsorption syndrome.

    2. Fat malabsorption.

    3. Cholestatic liver disease.

    4. Cow’s milk enteropathy.

    5. All the above.

  8. Which of the following special infant formulas has the highest content of mediumchain triglycerides (MCT):

    1. Alimentum.

    2. Pregestimil.

    3. Portagen.

    4. Neocate infant.

  9. Which of the following can the parents use to assess the adequacy of the infants’ nutrition?

    1. Adequate weight gain.

    2. Good urine output

    3. Calories count.

    4. All the above.


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