Kuiz EKG



1.   The T wave of which lead is expected to invert on day of life 3-4 in a neonate?     

 a.   1

b.   AVF

 c.   V1

 d.   V6

 2.   What is the most sensitive sign of ischemia in a pediatric patient?

a.   ST elevation

b.   ST depression

c.   T wave inversion

d.   Q wave prolongation

3.   Classic EKG finding in Tricuspid Atresia?

a.   Peaked T wave

b.   Peaked p wave

c.   QT prolongation

d.   ST elevation

4.   What percent of patients with IHSS will have an abnormal electrocardiogram?

a.   10%

b.   30%

c.   60%

d.   90% 

5.   What is the formula for correcting the QT interval?

6.   Which are the best leads to pick up a delta wave?

a.   1, V5, V6

b.   2,3,AVF

c.   V1, V2

d.   V5, V6

7.   Benign cause of ST elevation you may see on pediatric EKGs?

a.   Ischemia

b.   Early repolarization

c.   Left bundle branch block

d.   Hypokalemia

8.   Common cyanotic congenital heart lesion, which classically is associated with a normal EKG and cyanosis in the early neonatal period?

a.   Transposition of the great arteries

b.   Truncus arteriosus

c.   Triscuspid atresia

d.   Tetrology of Fallot

9.   Surgery commonly associated with PR prolongation on a post-surgical EKG?

a.   Patent ductus arteriosus

b.   Coarctation of the aorta

c.   Ventricular septal defect

d.   Atrial septal defect

10. Another potential EKG findings in patients undergoing the surgery referred to in question 9?

a.   Sinus bradycardia

b.   Multifocal atrial tachycardia

c.   Atrial flutter

d.   Right bundle branch block

Ilene Claudius, MD, FACEP Assistant Professor, USC Keck School of Medicine Children’s Hospital, Los Angeles, CA(American College of Emergency Physicians Section of Pediatric Emergency Medicine)


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