1. _________ Uses 3 simple words other than “mama”

  2. _________ Has a visual preference for the human face

  3. _________ Smiles responsively

  4. _________ Climbs on furniture

  5. _________ Balances on one foot

  6. _________ Rolls from front to back

  7. _________ Sits unsupported

  8. _________ Bears weight

  9. _________ Visually follows a moving object

  10. _________ Stands momentarily on one foot

  11. _________ Crawls

  12. _________ Walks

  13. _________ Follows a moving object (tracks)

  14. _________ Has pincher response

  15. _________ Cruises on furniture

  1. Which of the following histories obtained from a caregiver may adequately explain the injury?

    1. “My one-month-old baby rolled off the changing table and bumped her head.”

    2. “My 6-month-old-baby crawled over to the iron and burned his hands.”

    3. “My 9-month-old caught his leg on the crib and twisted it and that is how he got a femur fracture.”

    4. “My 7-month-old stood up in the sink, turned on the hot water faucet and burned his feet.”


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